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California Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are governed by both California and Federal law and under the Controlled Substances Act. In the state of California, there are many drugs that are considered illegal with the most being Marijuana, Heroin, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, and unauthorized prescription drugs such as Xanex. There are many ways one could be charged with a drug crime with the most common crimes being:

  1. Simple Possession
  2. Possession with intent to distribute
  3. Drug Manufacturing
  4. Drug Trafficking
  5. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  6. Drug Cultivation

Drug Crime Penalties in California

There are several factors that affect the criminal penalties one may face if charged with a drug crime. These factors include the type of drug offense committed, the individual's prior criminal history, the specific drug under investigation and the individual's alleged criminal behavior with the drug. California drug crime laws are extremely complex and require a highly qualified drug crime defense attorney to help you obtain the best possible results.

Potential Drug Crime Defenses

Drug crime offenses often bring up many constitutional issues that could apply depending on how the police performed their investigation. It is not uncommon for a skilled drug crime defense attorney to attack the prosecution's case due to an invalid search and seizure of your person, home, or automobile. Where one's constitutional rights have been violated due to an illegal search or seizure, evidence of the drugs can be suppressed from being introduced into Court which may result in a dismissal of your case.


If you are under investigation or have been charged with a drug crime it is critical to act fast and obtain the services of an experienced drug defense attorney to protect your rights. It is important that you begin to plan your defense and review your legal options with a qualified lawyer. The Law Offices of Kareem A. Ramadan has successfully protected many individuals accused of drug crimes from unnecessary prosecution and avoidance of serious criminal penalties. Contact the Law Offices of Kareem A. Ramadan today for a free case evaluation today

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